There is now less than a month until Airventure 2011. I just bought my tickets and campsite for a Sunday arrival and I’m officially excited. My unofficial goal this year is to be significantly closer than we were last year. While it was really quiet and there was plenty of room out next to the highway, it was quite a trip to get to the gates/bath-house/etc.

My official goal is to come home with tons of great photos/video. Last year I learned the hard way that adapter rings on lenses can change the effective focal distance of your lenses. For any non-photo people, my stupid cheap lens adapter made most of my pictures blurry.

I’m going to try to offer plenty of updates during the week, but I may be limited by power. I haven’t quite nailed down a decent plan for laptop charging, so I may be limited to tweets and bad mobile phone content. I welcome any recommendations for cheap, stable methods of power production. Something that won’t blow up my Macbook and preferably allows for several hours of use over the week.

I’ll probably be posting a lot more about Airventure the closer it gets, but for now I will leave you with the following advice: If you’re planning to attend, you should definitely buy your tickets before June 30th. There is a little discount, but you are also entered in the “Topfun” sweepstakes.
The grand prize package consists of the following:

  • Two tickets for a flight aboard the B-17 Aluminum Overcast
  • Two tickets for a ride aboard the Farmers Airship Zeppelin NT
  • Two Aviators Club Weekly Passes (I’d buy these if my wife wouldn’t kill me for dropping $450 on “an airshow”)
  • A B787 Dreamliner tour conducted by Boeing’s Chief Test Pilot
  • An improved site in Camp Scholler or Fly-in Camping for the week (I’d prefer the Fly-in capming, but I’d need to borrow a plane)

Since there are four, and my chances of winning are better, I’m really eyeing the second prize packages which include:

  • Two tickets for a flight in the EAA Ford Tri-Motor (you gotta love the Tin Goose)
  • Two Aviators Club weekly passes
  • A site in Camp Scholler or Fly-in Camping for the week

So, there you have it. Less than a month until the show.