Valdez Fly-in

For some reason I have this love affair with bush flying.  Aerobatics are nice, and I certainly look forward to trying them out, but I find no more perfect an example of aviation than a Super Cub alone in the wilds.  There’s just something about it that really gets me going.  As a natural extension […]

Attitude is Everything

A few months ago, I saw a link on twitter to the following video: I recently remembered this and thought I might post it here and offer some analysis of the overall situation.  The biggest talking point I’ve come up with is “Attitude is everything.”  I mean that in two ways: attitude of the pilot […]

Practical Test Prep

Just to clear the air, I am getting very close to the check-ride. Prior to this lesson all that was left to complete is an hour or so of practical test prep. The plan for this lesson was to perform all the maneuvers required for the check-ride and then work on anything that needs improvement. That means we will do stalls, steep turns, slow flight, ground reference maneuvers, and unusual attitudes.

Trip Downtown

Unfortunately the birds (big vultures I might add) were now quite agitated. The end result being that just as we were reaching the edge of the pavement, the birds began flying right were we wanted to go. I reacted quickly and I think I surprised Josh when I went full throttle, called a go around and added full power. It was a good go around. Once we were back around they gave us the left side for our full stop landing, which was safe and uneventful.

Solo Lesson – GPS

The lesson culminated with me putting on a show for my mother and wife. There was a bit of a crosswind so I came in in a crab. I rode it down almost to the runway and (for the first time ever) kicked out the crab so that I was lined up perfectly with the runway. I touched down on centerline slightly fast, but otherwise a really good landing.